Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bush and Gonzo deliver another rousing "fuck you" to Congress

They are BASTARDS with no regard for even a veto-proof majority of lawmakers. They will do exactly what they want, when they want, to whom they want, for whatever reasons they have, and dare you to do something about it. This latest example is so over the top that I'm sputtering with rage and trying my best not to call them cocksucking motherfucking traitorous criminals who should be stuffed into a gasoline filled earthmover tire and lit off. I can't say things like that no matter how much I want to, because I'm a better person than that.

On June 4, after being passed by an overwhelming bi-partisan majority in the House and Senate, a bill was sent to Bush for his signature. The bill specifically repealed a provision of the Patriot Act reauthorization in 2006 that allowed the appointment of U.S. Attorneys indefinitely, on an interim basis, to avoid the Senate confirmation process.

Bush sat on this bill since receiving it without either signing it into law or vetoing it. Yesterday, Gonzalez announced the appointment of an acting U.S. Attorney in California to the position on an interim basis, once again pulling an "end around" on the Senate.

That having been accomplished, Bush found the time to sign the bill into law today,6/14/07.

I truly can't believe the fucking gall of these sons-of-bitches. They just don't give a shit about anything. What in the name of God will it take to get these people impeached? Will the Republicans who have supported this criminal enterprise for so long ever give it up and do the right thing? How much more of this shit do we have to take? Did Bush intentionally gut the EPA so that we have to keep taking this shit with no recourse?

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