Friday, September 14, 2007

Decoupling--not trains or dogs--but utilities !

Progressive States Network recently published a well-researched article on "utility decoupling". If you don't know what that is (like me), read this intriguing piece, here.

Although I firmly believe that all of our energy supplies and distribution networks should be under control of the Federal government, I know that won't happen until I become Emporer, so I view the concept of "decoupling" as a viable alternative, at least until I assume total control.

Under this concept, utilities make more profits through conservation measures rather than increased sales. What a hell of idea! If we can't remove the profit motive from the companies in this critically important industry, then shifting the way that they make those profits can only be a smart move.

They make money by helping us save money. It reduces the pressure on our wallets and is extremely environmentally friendly. This is a win-win for everyone, practical and simple. It is , dare I say, utilitarian.

If your state is not working on programs like this, they should be.

Contact your state legislators and pressure them to get going on it.

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