Sunday, September 2, 2007

Republican motto: "We aim to sleaze"

The GOP, self-proclaimed defenders of morality and values (anti-gay,sanctity of marriage, etc.), are having a little problem with several of their stalwarts, and may be in danger politically as a result. Even the most gullible of their religious extremist rank and file are becoming hard pressed to justify their loyalty to a party that so obviously doesn't practice what they screech.

Here are video links to a commentaries by Air America's Rachel Maddow and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough regarding the "sleaze factor", and what it might mean to the Republican party.

I am providing a partial list, with comments and links to follow if you feel you have a strong-enough stomach. Incidentally, all of these are less than one year old and only cover S-E-X, not any of the many instances of bribery and influence-peddling rampant in the GOP.

Larry Craig(R-ID). Just resigned under intense pressure from the right-wingers. Among other things, Craig was the Senate point man for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Craig probably could have survived if he had just told the truth and admitted that he did not see the "Gay Sex Only" placard on the door of the restroom stall. Everyone would have accepted that simple explanation if he had only admitted his mistake instead of this.

David Vitter(R-LA). Busted big time in the "DC Madam" hooker scandal. You might take note of the fact that while Craig is gone (to be replaced with another Republican), Vitter is still around (forgiven because he would be replaced with a Democrat). So much for standing on principle. Vitter also serves as Southern regional director of Rudy Giuliani's Presidential campaign.

State Representative Bob Allen (R-FL), arrested for soliciting oral sex in a park restroom. He was just about to take a position in John McCain's presidential bid, as his co-chair in the Florida House. Among his most tortured claims of innocence was his statement that he was afraid of the big black guys, one of whom turned out to be a cop. Poor Allen-- the only things he got to blow were his credibility and his career.

Reverend Coy Privette. Ultra-right figure in North Carolina politics.(Served in the NC legislature 1984-1992) . President of the Christian Action League (affiliated with the Amarican Family Association). Arrested and charged with using the services of a black prostitute several times. The best part is that he paid her with checks at least twice, and then reported that the checks had been stolen. Found guilty and resigned from the CAL. Y'all better pray for him.

Mark Foley(R-FL), resigned his seat under fire for allegations of seeking gay sex with Congressional interns. If you don't know all the sordid details, too bad-everyone else does.

Ted Haggard, defrocked mega-church founder who a powerful figure in the religious right before it was discovered the he had a sex and meth relationship with a male prostitute. Booted out of his church and supposedly re-habilitated. An old but still sordid story (like Foley). Haggard has not forgotten how to fish for suckers, however.

Jack Burkman. Religious right-wing lobbyist, outed as a customer of the "DC Madam". Just compare what he says with what he does. This man and others like him, are God's ipecac.

Glenn Murphy, Jr. Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation and RNC chair for Clark Cty, In. Resigned both posts to pursue a "business opportunty" after allegations of "sleep -sucking" were made against him. Too bad he left politics--he was a real "up and cummer" in the GOP.

There are many, many more stories like these surfacing almost daily. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight. To counter the facts bludgeoning them at every turn, the Family Research Council, one of the biggest and most profitable of the "values" promoters, is launching a BIIIG campaign of lies and disinformation aimed at convincing their followers that they alone , not the "God-hating liberals", possess the legitimate moral authority to define and speak for Christian values.

Sooner or later their base is gonna wake up, and these frauds will be toast.

P.S.- I will accept your congratulations for not using the word "hypocrite" one time in this post.

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