Wednesday, September 5, 2007

McCain "Straight Talk Express" hit by student IED.

Senator John McCain, in a"Q and A" session after a speech at a New Hampshire high school, came under heavy fire from some students who weren't buying his crap. Here are two Think Progress articles relating to the story, here, and here.

The students didn't mince any words with McCain, and they gave better than they got, even when McCain called one of them a"little jerk". He was supposedly laughing when he made the remark, but I suspect he was really speaking from his heart.

I congratulate the students who had the courage to speak up, and congratulate McCain for not pulling out a gun and blasting away like he probably wanted to.

If McCain is smart, he'll wear body armor the next time he ventures into a school. Baghdad is a safer venue for Republican politicians these days.

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