Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Republicans hold 18-4 edge in Congress !!!

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) has just released it's third annual list of the most corrupt members of Congress. This years list has only 22 names (down from 25), but as usual the wimpy Democrats are being soundly defeated in the corruption race, with only four members gaining recognition.

As if this shameful showing isn't bad enough, the Republican lead would be even more staggering if CREW had included all the Republicans who have had problems with infidelity and other "peckerdillos".

The pathetic failure of the Democrats to lead in this simple basic benchmark only reinforces the perception that they are weaklings who do not know how to use the power of their office.

I urge all Democrats to call Reid and Pelosi and voice your displeasure. Let them know that we fully expect them to show leadeship and ensure that nothing less than corruption parity is achieved by the time CREW's next report is issued.

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i.m.small said...


May stoop to win
As democrats
Fill with chagrin.

The radio pundits quick to pounce
On every little trick,
In furtherance of the Neocons´
Ambitious program slick,
Make no apologies
For any straw they seize:
It may not be the last of straws
But ought to give the hearers pause.

May stoop to win
While Democrats
But dumbly grin.

Nor not merely the radio,
The candidates display
They know the way to limbo low
And limber show the way
(Rushing with heart and soul,
To sleaze beneath the pole,
The limbo pole: decorum´s laws
In their abeyance seem to pause).

May stoop to win,
But Democrats
Hardly begin.

As (for example) John McCain
When he was an outsider,
A populist: his hopes were slain
When he became collider
With rumors highly racist--
Evidence prima fascist--
That he, as white as Santa Claus
Sired a black child--so votes must pause.

May stoop to win
Yet Democrats
Still scratch their skin.

Today the word is that Barack
Obama is a "Muslim,"
(A fallacy), and so to shock,
To obfuscate, to puzzle him,
They say, with hype and drama,
"Barack Hussein Osama,"
So to confound the listeners
As seem responsive to such slurs.

May stoop to win
While Democrats
Reel from the spin.

To stoop to any depth may be
Pragmatic--if effective--
But voters, insofar they see
Have got to be defective
If they let rumors subtle
Against which no rebuttal
So influence their vote, because
Such methods ought to give them pause.