Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The World Series Of Iraq,Year Five

As the baseball season here in the States heads into the playoffs to determine who gets to play in our World Series, don't forget that the other World Series is about to take place in Iraq.

And, as always, it will be a battle between the U.S. Imperials and the Iraqi Nationals.

This year will be the fifth, played to decide who gets to claim the most "successes" for the next 12 months , and it now looks as if the annual series will become a long tradition. The games will again be played at Basra's sprawling Oil Field, as the Imperials have repeatedly refused a "home and home" series. According to team mascot John Boehner, who works the crowd in a chickenhawk costume,"It's a small price to play them over here so we don't have to play them at home".

Despite their best effort, the U.S. team has not fared as well as they had hoped in this annual event.They haven't been able to reach home plate. Baserunners claim "We get from first to third in good time, but it always seems to take an extra three months to get home" . Although the team has a "do or die" attitude and a lot of pride, they're weary, and wonder why Imperial President Bush has been unwilling to draft any fresh players.

Nonetheless, fans on both sides show spirited support for their respective teams. Last year for example, millions of Iraqi fans joined together in a stirring rendition of "Keep on the Sunni Side", and the 160,000 U.S. fans, exhorted by cheerleaders in the right field bleachers, answered with their hilarious version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", which goes like this:

Take me out of the war game

take me out of the crowd

They gave me a rifle but armor lacks

they don't care if I never get back

So it's shoot, shoot, shoot at the home team

if we don't win it's a shame

Cause we throw in airstrikes while stuck

in the old war game.

They need all our support this year, folks. Help cheer them on to "success".

Buy a team emblem car magnet--It'll do 'em a world of good.

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