Sunday, September 2, 2007

Montana Republican agrees with Watts rioters

"Burn, baby,burn!"

In a heartwarming display of compassion and apparent agreement with that old defiant cry from the 1965 Los Angeles riots, Montana Republican John Sinrud, questioning why Montana should pay for trying to protect homes threatened by wildfires, asked plaintively "Can't we just all get along? (OOPS-wrong riot) .He asked "why not just let 'em burn?" Read David Sirota's article, here. Read the whole thing to pick up on the lies the GOP spreads like butter to cover their butts. ( Bad mind picture--change "butter" to "suntan lotion")

Sinrud(R-Bozeman-or is it Bozoman) must live in a city, otherwise it's hard to explain his callousness. No matter what, he's a poor excuse for a elected official, even though he does seem to have a lot of company up in there "Big Sky Country".

The profanity- laced outburst by Michael Lange (R-what else), is here as well as in Sirota's piece.

Civility and caring--the hallmarks of GOP politics.

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