Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More proof Bush is NUTS--Get him GONE!!

We have a President who is literally insane, still in office, still holding the reins of power, still with his finger poised over the firing sequence that will start World War III. If you need more proof than what you already know about him, here is an article from Think Progress that should finally convince you. Bush ‘Still Believed Saddam Possessed WMD’ In April 2006

According to a new biography of the President, and backed up by the account of former chief of staff Andrew Card-- although Bush finally admitted publicly in 2004 that Iraq did not have any WMDs, he continued to insist privately, well into 2006, that Saddam Hussein did have them.

When a man, in this scary case a President, has absolutely convinced himself that he is right and that all the facts are wrong, he can only be classified as delusional. He is seriously unbalanced and should not under any circumstances be permitted to continue in office.

Bush is incapable of believing anything that does not agree with what he has already decided. No logic, persuasion, or facts will ever change that sick mind.

Bush is a madman. Are we going to let him kill us all?

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