Sunday, September 2, 2007

Holsinger to get post via "abscess appointment"?

"Recess appointment" is a term which just won't cover it, at least not with Dr. James Holsinger, President Bush's nominee for the post of Surgeon General. His record is putrid, and has led to a ton of opposition. His anti-gay record, his stint at the Veterans Administration, and the money-grabbing schemes that have come to light recently have gotten him some severe criticism, including this statement from the American Public Health Association. In other words, he is just the kind of person President Bush will back to the hilt.

At Holsinger's Senate confirmation hearing in July, he didn't make many friends, and committee chair Ted Kennedy didn't even schedule a vote by the committee to determine if the nomination would even make it to the Senate floor. That may have effectively killed Holsinger's chances. However, Bush, being who and what he is, will probably not hesitate to install Holsinger as "America's Doctor" as a recess appointment. God knows, he's done it before.

Just a little FYI- Richard Carmona, Bush's first Surgeon General, recently testified before a House committee, and described in sickening detail how the office of Surgeon General was politcized and how his efforts at fulfilling the duties of his post were thwarted, twisted, and marginalized. It's quite compelling testimony.

I can't help but believe that this administration, and their supporters, are truly evil. They work against the common good 100% of the time, driven by power and money, without conscience or care.

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