Thursday, January 24, 2008

All lies--all death--all the time--and the butchers bill is still being tallied

One, two, three....NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE lies!! And that's just for Iraq. An in-depth study by the Center for Public Integrity, working with The Fund for Independence in Journalism, has documented 935 outright lies, distortions, and misleading statements by members of the Executive branch which made the case for the preemptive invasion of Iraq.

Take those lies, multiply them by at least a thousand as they were repeated endlessly by an unquestioning, adoring, compliant, sometimes colluding, fawning press and media, and we are where we are now-- nearly destroyed as a nation, both economically and morally.

Take those lies, and figure each of them is worth over 1,000 deaths so far. That's a pretty good return on the investment, don't you think? And every one of the people who told them, and everyone who helped spread them, and everyone who voted to invade, and everyone who has profited from our invasion built on lies, is a murderer or an accessory to murder. That will be for God to sort out.

Take those lies, and you will see that each of them has pulled over two billion dollars from our treasury, so far, estimating the true costs of this invasion, which costs will be borne by us and future generations of Americans, for the immediate profit of a few.

Take those lies, and look at the fruits of what we have sown-- our freedoms are gone, our government is more controlled by the moneyed elite than ever, our standard of living is dropping like a rock, and since the invasion, our overall quality of life has diminished dramatically.

Take those lies, and how they were so feverishly disseminated to a frightened population, and you will see the deaths of us all, and of our morality, and our standards of decency and empathy and basic goodness, which have been our hallmark for over 200 years.

"Take those lies and use them as a model" will be the instructions for any group in the future seeking to utterly destroy a country.

For the curious, synopses of the lies can be found here, and here, and the full detailed list is here.
The Bush "Murderers Row" of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Fleischer, Rumsfeld, et al, makes the 1927 Yankees look like amateurs--all they did was beat their opponents, not kill them.

Of course, the liars themselves are contemptuous and dismissive of the facts (nothing new there!), and here and here are just a few examples of their blatant "ass-covering" rhetoric.

And where are we now? Perhaps Cindy Sheehan says it best.

Is there any hope for justice?

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