Saturday, January 12, 2008

KBR, Pisswater, and Bush- The saga continues

My previous post on the KBR rape case and the government cover up, here. The Pentagon has now announced they will not investigate the rape, stating that there is no need for them to do so, as it being investigated by the State Department. Helpful, aren't they? And the State Department will be sure to thoroughly examine all of the evidence, like the rape kit results the Army doctor handed to KBR to lose accidentally, and take swift and decisive action just like they did when Blackwater killed all those civilians back in September.

And speaking of Blackwater, we now find out that they repainted the vehicles involved in that massacre immediately after the September murders, making it impossible to examine them for evidence to prove or disprove Blackwater's contention that bullet holes in the trucks showed that they were attacked first. And, according to Think Progress, Blackwater said any such repairs "would have been done at the government's direction". If they're telling the truth for once, it makes our government culpable in impeding their own murder investigation. If Blackwater is lying, no one in our government gives a damn, because they'll never prosecute them anyway.

Blackwater, we also now discover, was involved in an attack on U.S. soldiers back in 2005, when they dropped CS gas on a checkpoint manned by our forces. That, in addition to endangering the lives of our troops is, according to the NYT, a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions. For some reason, they have not been hauled up before a war crimes tribunal.

Is it any wonder that Blackwater has decided it would be prudent to hire another lobbying firm--the third since October-- to make nice with Congress? From Think Progress:

Controversial private security firm Blackwater Worldwide “has ramped up its lobbying representation on Capitol Hill” by hiring the law firm Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice to “lobby the government on contracting and other issues.” “Womble Carlyle is the third lobbying firm to be hired by Moyock, N.C.-based Blackwater since October.” January 9, 2008

Personally, I feel Blackwater is wasting their money on lobbyists. I can't imagine a scenario where any of the Bush administration's favorite Iraq contractors will ever be brought to justice by our government, mostly because KBR and Blackwater are lawless pissant thugs, just like Bush and his boys.

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