Friday, January 18, 2008

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AH, where to start? Let's begin here, an interview done last month by Chris Hedges with Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich has been treated very badly by the media--dismissed as "irrelevant" and a "tin hat nut case", and denied any meaningful time to have his positions heard. Read this interview and then decide if he sounds "nuts" and "irrelevant" to you. I say screw the media--vote your conscience! Do you agree?

One thing Dennis did recently, that the msm has used to belittle him, is to admit that he has seen a UFO. Now, it seems that he's "not alone out there". Dozens of people in Texas reported seeing a very strange phenomenon last week. I haven't heard any right-wingers claim that the UFO was just Kucinich's campaign transportation-- not yet, anyway.

And speaking of Texas, seems those old boys will put any guy on their Supreme Court so long as he wears an elephant lapel pin. Here's one that was just charged with tampering with an arson investigation. Seems his wife burned down their house.
From AP

HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas Supreme Court justice has been charged with tampering with evidence in a fire that destroyed his home, a blaze the judge's wife is accused of setting, a television station reported Thursday.
Justice David Medina was indicted in the June fire at the couple's home in the Houston suburb of Spring that also damaged a neighbor's house, Medina's attorney Terry Yates told KHOU-TV. It caused a total of nearly $1 million in damage.
It was the second fire at the home in 10 years, and both blazes started in the garage.
Francisca Medina, the judge's wife, was charged with arson, the station reported.
Medina, 49, is a former district judge in Harris County, which contains Houston, and was appointed to the Supreme Court by Gov. Rick Perry in 2004.
The Harris County prosecutor told the station he will move to dismiss the case for lack of evidence.

Hell yes there's a lack of evidence--it burned up. And if the case goes to the Texas Supreme Court, he'll throw it out.

Also from Texas, but even richer than the last one-- I'm still chuckling. Delicious irony.
From AP

Creation Museum Selling Mastodon Skull

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas museum that teaches creationism is counting on the auction of a prehistoric mastodon skull to stave off extinction. The founder and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, which rejects evolution and claims that man and dinosaurs coexisted, said it will close unless the Volkswagen-sized skull finds a generous bidder.

"If it sells, well, then we can come another day," Joe Taylor said. "This is very important to our continuing."

Heritage Auction Galleries says the skull is estimated to be 40,000 years old, and projects it will fetch upward of $160,000. The artifact discovered in La Grange in 2004 is believed to be the largest of its kind, Heritage spokesman David Herskowitz said.
The auction will be held Sunday in Dallas, with bids accepted on the Internet until Saturday night.
"We're trying to reach out to someone who would buy it, then reach out to a museum in Texas," Herskowitz said.
Taylor said he would love to keep the skull of the elephant-like mammal as the centerpiece of his tiny museum just outside Lubbock, which includes creationist exhibits.
Claims on the museum's Web site include that Noah took dinosaurs aboard his ark. The prevailing scientific wisdom is that humans and dinosaurs missed each other by tens of millions of years.
Taylor said he's been financially crippled by about $136,000 he's been ordered to pay in a legal dispute over finder's rights to an Allosaurus skeleton unearthed in Colorado. About $141,000 has also been put into the mastodon skull's restoration, he said.
If the mastodon auction doesn't cover the judgment, Taylor said local authorities will seize his 10-year-old museum and sell off its contents in February.
"We've struggled so long here just to keep this thing going," Taylor said. "We're kind of losing interest. You can just tread water for so long." (...)

God will split His sides laughing at the fools who think the skull could be more than 6,000 years old. Serves 'em right if they buy it.

Now, we're leaving Texas and going to other foreign lands.

Canada has just put the U.S. on a "Torture Watch List".
Damn, now we'll have to kill them.

Zimbabwe has issued a $10 million bill.
They have a little problem with inflation. Don't laugh, we could be next.

Belize has a more honest election system than the U.S.
Read this really marvelous essay and you'll understand.

Informative? Entertaining? Thought provoking? A little odd? I tried.

UPDATE: 1/19/08) Canada has just issued a semi-quasi-half-baked apology for including the U.S. on their "Torture Watch List. (but we're still on it)

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