Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kucinich forced out of race

The only true "voice of the people", the only presidential candidate who advocated for the 99% of the citizens of this country who are suffering from a government serving the interests of "big money", has had to halt his quest to be the Democratic nominee for President.

Dennis Kucinich had been shut out of yet another debate (CNN), and lacking the funds to air enough ads to get his voice heard, has called it quits for this election cycle. Damn it!

When our government allows a candidates voice to be kept off of the public airways by the media outlets sponsoring the endless phony debates, so that only candidates whose positions don't threaten the corporate control of America are heard, we lose our right to informed choice.

Five major corporations control almost all of the news that we are allowed to hear. A vigorous free press disseminating information , serving the public by acting as watchdogs on the government, and exposing corporate wrongdoings, is only a memory. They now have the apparent right to control our elections by controlling the information flow. Our democracy, which depends on a free press, is much weaker for it's lack.

Private control of the public processes vital to our democracy can lead to only disaster for our freedom.

UPDATE: I just wrote this post, then this showed up. You might find it interesting.

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