Sunday, January 27, 2008

Found--Cheney, Jr--The Saga Continues

This guy is a natural--he has every quality the Republican party cherishes. He's the Dick without the money, and the Republicans will miss a sure bet if they ignore his obvious appeal to their base. This man should be offered a spot on the ticket as the VP nominee.

He's a bona fide asshole and general prick. He's arrogant beyond belief, and a shady businessman to boot. He carries a Bible and prays, and exudes toughness. Look in the dictionary and his picture is next to "charisma". He bowls people over when he speaks.

This man is the hope, past and future of the Grand Old Party, and I pray he gets all the attention he deserves. Yea, I say unto you, it's not only the GOP that needs the services of this man, but our great nation as well, to maintain the status quo in these perilous times.

Tell the Republicans to DRAFT DOUGLAS BRUCE FOR VICE PRESIDENT ! Start calling today!

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