Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please--just take him off the air.

Damn this fat-assed, drug-addicted, slime-covered, hate-spewing racist pig. And damn all the stations that broadcast his divisive filth. Oh, sorry--I'm referring to Rush Limbaugh. And damn all of you who think he's just wonderful, because you're stupid.

Last April, Limbaugh aired a purely racist hit piece on Barack Obama--A parody song called "Barack the Magic Negro". My previous post is here.

Now he comes along with another "humorous" racist smear, here.

Obviously, he does have his fans--right-wing site Human Events (which apparently has a maggot fetish) just named Limbaugh "Man of the Year" for 2007. Think Progress article, here.

It's disgusting that he has what-13,000,000 listeners? And they think they're Americans? And they're proud?

I want my country back!!

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