Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rove on schedule--Dems,too

Karl Rove, who resigned last August as George Bush's political advisor, is following the schedule I predicted for him, here.

I said then that it wouldn't be long before he started doing analysis for Fox News, and guess what? Think Progress reports that Rove will be joining Fox as an "on-air" contributor through the "Super Tuesday" primaries.

I am at risk of doing serious injury to myself from patting myself on the back for my prescient observation.

I had also stated that Rove's real work would be advising the Democratic Leadership Council in ways to permanently fracture the Democratic party, suck up money from the really big donors, help with voter suppression tactics, and generally assist the total takeover of the political process by the Republican party and big business.

Look at what the Democrats have done so far this election cycle, including but not limited to: alienated Dem voters of two whole states (Florida and Michigan), effectively barring them from participating at the nominating convention, because their primaries were too early; didn't lift a finger to protest when the only true populist in the race, Dennis Kucinich, was shut out of several debates at the whim of the sponsoring networks; are raking in money hand-over-fist from the biggest special-interest donors they can sell out to; are backing all the "blue dog" Dems up for re-election; and are giving in to Bush on every legal and legislative front, to blur any distinction that voters might make between the two parties.

Considering that the top Democrats are doing their best to give the Republicans a good chance at retaining the Presidency, I'd have to say that Rove is right on schedule there, too.

It bothers me that I'm always right.

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