Saturday, January 12, 2008

More on Kucinich and Rigged Elections

This is going to actually cover two subjects on which I have recently posted. Both concern Dennis Kucinich and the subversion of our system of elections.

As you know, Kucinich has been (along with a few other candidates) barred from appearing on several televised debates recently, (previous post here) and now NBC has announced that they will not let Kucinich appear on their debate scheduled for 1/15/08 in Las Vegas. This after they had previously invited him. Bless their rotten black hearts. Amy Goodman has a good take on how this forces the candidates harmed by this type of exclusion to rely more heavily on paid advertising to the benefit of the networks, and skews the number of ads in favor of the candidates with the most money.

This is truly dangerous stuff.

Also, Kucinich recently called for a recount of the New Hampshire primary results in light of statistical evidence showing that electronic vote rigging possible occurred. My previous post is here, along with another another opinion piece and more stats, here.

Kucinich's request for a recount has been granted, and he is paying for it, but as explained here, he may have walked into a "no-win" trap. Without full and complete knowledge of the ballot procurement history, and with lax ballot "chain of custody", a vote-rigging operation could easily cover its tracks, making it impossible to uncover.

And, to give you an idea of how Dennis Kucinich is demeaned and dismissed by the right wing press, here is a reprehensible hit piece by Ray Cooklis, a member of the editorial board of the Cincinnati Enquirer, posted on the blog "Today at the Forum".What does it tell you when these people are unwilling or unable to argue the legitimate points of an issue?

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