Friday, January 18, 2008

Rigged? Hacked?Crooked?Inept? Ya suppose?

This post promises to be a mess-- there's too much to cover-- but stay with it, because it all concerns the ongoing problems plaguing every aspect of our voting system. There's not much new here for those who are already aware of what's happening, and why, but more details are coming to light almost daily about the concerted efforts still underway to undermine our elections. Give yourself time to follow all the links here and you might gain a better understanding (if you need it).

A few of my recent posts on this subject are here, and here (for background)

The New Hampshire recount is underway, and it's a mess so far, with a lot of missing data that no one can seem to find. I can't imagine how that would happen, except I read this, and this. The connections and cronyism are plain to see, and when you consider that an executive of LHS Associates, which controls all these voting machines (and their source codes) is a convicted felon , and the head of Diebold, who foisted these machines onto us, said in 2004 that he was"committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes" to President Bush, can there still be a doubt in any sane persons mind that our elections are being stolen? Oh, and they are all Republicans. Every one. (another good website for up-to-the-minute info is

And then there's the problem of "vote caging", an illegal form of voter disenfranchisement that the Republicans deny any knowledge of-- maybe they never heard of it, but the Republican party was caught in the act back in the 1980's and signed a consent decree promising not to do it again. Well, it never stopped, and since Bush first ran for election, has been a full time operation in states controlled by Republicans. Investigative reporter Greg Palast wrote Armed Madhouse, a very well-documented expose of caging operations, and you should read it. Now, though, somebody really screwed up, and "plausible deniability" may now be impossible. . The question remains if this specific admission will be addressed by the government officials in Kansas.

In Washington, however,House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers introduced a bill on 1/17/08 that both confirms vote caging as illegal and adds serious fines and prison time for offenders. We'll see how far it gets.

This a only a scratch on the boil, and I'll leave voter ID laws for another time.

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