Monday, January 28, 2008

National Vote--pros and more pros

Progressive States Network (please sign up for their e-newsletter) believes that positive change in this country is best achieved at the state, rather than the national, level, and they have been doing a tremendous job attempting to get important legislation passed in state legislatures across the nation.

They also do excellent analytical work, designed to both educate the electorate and bolster their chances of legislative success.

Here is a link to their compelling analysis which describes all of the reasons why Presidential elections should be decided on the national popular vote rather than the electoral college. They also describe an initiative introduced in 47 state legislatures (and passed by two, so far), which would require that states electors give their votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote.

This plan, if enacted, would correct many of the ills of our present system.

Please--get on this bandwagon with your full support. Call your state reps and senators, write the papers, tell your friends--all of it. This is too important to ignore.

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